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Unsafe Relationships Checklists - FREE POSTER SET

Unsafe Relationships Checklists - FREE POSTER SET

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We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to grow up safe, informed, and empowered. Your translation can help.

If you are able to provide a translation of any of our posters or activity sheets please contact us.


An unsafe and exploitative relationship can be very dangerous for you. Here are five checklists featuring warning signs that may help you identify if you are in an unsafe relationship. Written by Jayneen Sanders based on her advocacy work in this area and research from books and websites that deal with domestic and family violence. If you are experiencing some of these warning signs, seek help from a professional organization that works with people in domestic and family violence situations.

These posters are freely available for download, print, display and social share. We only ask that all use be non-commercial and they not be edited/changed in any way.

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