Am I Reinforcing Gender Stereotyping in My Classroom?

We know from research that gender inequality is the basis of domestic and family violence - where one gender (most often, male) believes they have power over another. By being more aware of our own gender biases in our classrooms, we have the chance to help change culture - where all genders are treated equally and with respect.

  • Do l encourage all genders in maths and science?

  • Do I provide stories/poems/plays where girls are the main characters and/or boys have a nurturing role?

  • Do l ask both girls and boys equally to take out the bins, clean the tables, carry chairs, etc?

  • Do l line my students up randomly and not according to gender?

  • Do l encourage both girls and boys to use the dress-ups and/or write and perform plays?

  • Do I praise both boys and girls equally when following creative pursuits such as music, drawing, craft, sewing, pottery, etc.?

  • Do l encourage both girls and boys to use building blocks and construction tools?

  • Do l encourage both boys and girls to play sports such as football, cricket, soccer, volley ball, etc.?

  • Do l encourage both girls and boys to participate in active and outdoor play/ pursuits?

  • Do l make sure all genders feel welcome and safe to use common play spaces such ovals, basketball courts, etc.?

  • Do l encourage both girls and boys to talk about their feelings?

  • Do I comfort a boy in the same way as I might comfort a girl when hurt, upset or anxious?

  • Dol encourage both girls and boys to have a voice and to speak up in class discussions without judgment?

  • Do l genderize my descriptions such as girls are sweet, kind and pretty, and boys are tough, strong and resilient? Or do I describe both genders using the same gender-neutral ad ectives such as strong, resilient, kind, persistent, compassionate, hard-working?

  • Do I compliment girls on their appearance and boys on their achievements? Or do I compliment both genders on their achievements?

  • Do I ensure that when my students enter our classroom (no matter what occurs at home) all genders are treated equally and with respect?

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