How to Raise Our Sons to Be Good Men

Teach your son:

  • that everyone has a body boundary; he needs to ask for consent before entering another's personal space
  • that when a person says 'No' it means 'No' - not maybe or l'm not sure
  • that silence is not a 'yes'
  • to express his feelings and emotions; this shows strength rather than weakness
  • to respect differences; but at the same time see we are more alike than we are different
  • empathy so that he can see the world from all perspectives and ask himself, How would I feel if this happened to me?'
  • that nurturing, caring and loving is not a weakness; but will make him a wonderful human and brilliant father
  • to stand up for women and to stand with women so that future generations will know equality
  • that violence is never the answer
  • to always stand up for fairness and to never be afraid to do so.
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