Kid's Book Checklist

There is no doubt that violence against women and children is deeply rooted in power imbalances that are reinforced by gender norms and stereotypes.'

(p2, State of Victoria, Royal Commission into Family Violence: Summary and recommendations, Parl Paper No 132 (2014-16).


A number of children's books continue to reinforce gender stereotyping, i.e. girls are beautiful, charming, quiet and well-mannered; boys are strong, powerful, assertive and rarely show their emotions. To help reduce gender stereotyping, consider the books your kids are reading...

  • Are girls portrayed as strong characters?
  • Are girls daring, brave and smart?
  • Are girls interested in science, technology, engineering, maths, outdoors, adventuring?
  • Are girls resilient problem solvers?
  • Are boys portrayed as kind and caring?
  • Are boys portrayed as nurturing and loving?
  • Are boys respectful to all genders?
  • Are boys able to, and encouraged to, express their feelings?
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