Child Protection Week

10 simple things you can do to reduce child sexual abuse:

  1. Teach your child Body Safety from 2.5 years old (
  2. Talk to other families about the importance of teaching their children Body Safety.
  3. Ask your child's school/kindergarten if they teach Body Safety. If not, lobby for it.
  4. Share Body Safety articles and blogs with friends/family on Facebook.
  5. Lobby your local member to mandate the teaching of Body Safety in all schools and kindergartens.
  6. Stay alert to any warning signs that a child you know may be being abused (see
  7. Believe a child when they disclose abuse-your initial reaction is crucial.
  8. Promote conversations about Body Safety in your community-so we are all looking out for children.
  9. Follow organisations protecting children from sexual abuse on Facebook-they need support.
  10. Speak Up about child sexual abuse-perpetrators want us to be silent so their secret remains hidden.
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